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HUB Platform

Trustworthy Data as-a-Service

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Livingstone’s HUB is a powerful ITAM services platform designed to meet the challenges of integrating and managing enterprise asset data.


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Built using our powerful Data Collection Framework (DCF), the platform is a central repository for all aspects of ITAM related data, from contracts and entitlement to software inventory and cloud usage. Built to deliver scale and data quality, the platform is core to the Livingstone Trustworthy Data services. It integrates data from and to most leading SAM, ITSM and vendor tools to deliver outstanding stakeholder dashboards and reporting commensurate with managing software and cloud risks, minimizing IT costs overall.

Managed Service Excellence

As a technology enabled managed service, we think ours is one of the best. HUB is an integral part of every managed service engagement that we undertake whether delivering core enterprise ITAM data integration and processing or just used to deliver the context driven client service outputs and reports.

HUB allows us to deliver our managed services with scalability that is secure and quality assured. HUB allows us to be agile to customer needs whilst ensuring our delivery standards are not compromised.

Managed by our team of service and ITAM specialists, the platform allows us to deliver continued innovation, taking our data capture and analytic advances and turning them it into actionable data our clients can use.

All made available in the HUB portal, our platform supports all aspects of our client outcomes – cost optimization, maintaining control, mitigating risk and driving value.


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Comprehensive data collection framework

Inventory, usage & consumption data is captured from multiple sources and environments to provide full visibility of hardware, virtualization, cloud, user & software estates:

  • SAM, ITAM, ITSM, CMDB, Anti-virus, software discovery & management tools
  • Active Directory, network management & infrastructure tools
  • 3rd party inventory tools: Microsoft SCCM, IBM ILMT, BigFix and Tadx, Azure, AWS, Altiris, Snow, Oracle scripts
  • Cloud consumption data for Microsoft, AWS & Google
  • Non-instance data collection to support business and enterprise metrics

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Contract, entitlement & renewal data repository

The HUB platform provides a repository for contract and entitlement data and documentation, to store and catalogue software and cloud agreements.

It provides a central database that can be used to improve the overall quality of contract documentation control, providing a single source for use in contract re-negotiations, compliance reconciliations and audits.

Globally accessible by nominated users with varying levels of role based access security, it allows an organization to have a single controlled location for all contract and entitlement data supporting procurement and ITAM contract lifecycle processes. Features of the portal also provide a standardized approach for contract renewals including task management and stakeholder alerts for each renewal process step.


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Non-instance data capture

Designed to meet the challenges of integrating ITAM data across the enterprise from diverse data and information sources, the HUB Data Collection Framework (DCF) provides automated data connectivity to measure software usage against organization, business and transactional metrics which cannot be measured by traditional discovery and inventory tools. This non-instance data can be time consuming to collect so HUB has been designed to bridge this gap to ensure all required data can be continually collected with the minimum of effort.

  • Software installed in a test/development environment, standard or pro software versions
  • Scripts & commands run on proprietary scanning technologies
  • Software licensed by non-standard usage metrics (e.g. capacity, revenue, headcount, etc.)

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98%+ Software recognition accuracy

Any new inventory and entitlement information coming into HUB is validated by our data team daily and matched against our software catalog (typically 98% of data coming into HUB can be successfully recognized against a catalog of over 500,000 commercial applications).

New software recognition signatures are added daily by our UK and US-based teams, ensuring your data is as complete and reliable as possible.


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License allocation & rationalization

Keeping track of allocated software licenses and subscriptions can be complex for both users and devices.

HUB allows you to maintain records of what licensing or cloud services are allocated where and the information context behind the allocation. This helps ITAM managers stay in better control of their software and cloud assets overall tracking individual licenses, subscriptions and maintenance. Key to many management, optimization and rationalization processes, this information allows software and cloud allocations to be routinely validated, maintenance or license benefits to be used and assets re-harvested and re-assigned to greater affect.

HUB provides information to support rationalization in general, including the ability to track usage data from tools and optimize product versions and editions with licensing or subscription levels, especially in areas such as virtualized data centers or end-user product suites. Maintenance allocations can be reviewed to support additional HA/DR features or other benefits that may be required depending on the support options available.


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Benefits of the Livingstone approach

  • Technology is included – HUB is hosted and managed by Livingstone and can be included in every Managed Service so there is no need to purchase any additional specialist ITAM tools.
  • Enterprise ITAM Integration – HUB is designed to meet the challenge of integrating and managing ITAM data across the enterprise.
  • Powerful ITAM engine – HUB is one of the most powerful software catalog, recognition and reporting engines created specifically for software and license management. Containing over 500,000 commercial applications, HUB is updated daily and provides 98%+ data accuracy, incorporating non-instance data to generate real compliance and cloud consumption information.
  • A single ITAM portal – Your data in one place, delivering high value ITAM insights, supporting all aspects of ITAM, procurement and operational IT management.
  • Actionable analytics – Clear visibility of your software and cloud estate with context driven reporting to deliver key management information for stakeholders and to support ITAM processes.

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