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Data & Insights

Turning SAM data into management intelligence

Building a comprehensive and accurate SAM dataset from across your organization can be a large and complex undertaking. Trying to deliver this intelligence to your stakeholders as an on-going context-driven data service can therefore seem totally daunting, leaving you little time to focus on anything else. Livingstone are here to help.

We take ownership of your SAM data complexity, ensuring your dashboards and reports are delivering trustworthy data to whoever needs it. Our Insights and Data service integrates and cleanses complex asset data from across your organization, providing high quality, accurate and context rich reports to key stakeholders. Whether we use your existing ITAM tooling investments or the integration and cleansing capabilities of our Livingstone HUB platform, your SAM data can become one of the most valuable and trustworthy data sources used within IT and Procurement.

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Discovery & Inventory Management

Integrating and cleansing enterprise SAM data requires an extensive, but agile collection framework to ensure the requisite level of SAM data quality and trust can be achieved. Once deployed in a client’s environment, our Data Collection Framework (DCF) automates the collection of data through connections to multiple sources including AD, CMDB, SAM/ITAM & discovery/security tooling. Asset data is then cleansed, de-duplicated and normalized to provide accurate ITAM intelligence and reporting.

  • Ongoing coverage & quality reporting for inventory tooling
  • 95% coverage SLA & transparent reporting on catalogue recognition
  • Collection of non-instance data supports non-standard license & cloud metrics
  • Tool health & data source monitoring ensure the highest quality of reporting
  • Software usage metering aggregation from capable discovery and IT management toolsets

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Entitlement Management

Entitlement data delivered through our HUB platform, provides clients with a centralized enterprise contract information and documentation repository. Global data collection processes that integrate with HUB provide data quality enhancements to existing procurement and contract management tools and workflows. Clients can choose whether our service integrates and administers contract and entitlement data for them, or they can manage their own contract information making best use of our extensive catalogue and enterprize repository features.

Trustworthy entitlement data becomes invaluable when optimizing existing contracts, also ensuring future requirements can be forecasted and modelled then negotiated with strategic vendors.

  • Full Data Management – including data entry, integration, administration & analysis
  • Customisable Contract Catalogue – providing 100 bespoke attributes for each client record
  • Global Data Access – for multi-user administration & reporting
  • Bespoke data reporting – for specific stakeholder needs

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Enterprise Insights & Intelligence

ITAM data can provide incredible insight and support to other aspects of IT governance. We provide a range of trustworthy data services to help clients harness the wider value of their enterprise data including security, sustainability and deployment intelligence to support better governance of the IT estate.

  • Software Threat Analysis – vulnerability analytics from the NIST threat database can identify security risks within the deployed software estate
  • Sustainability Reporting – visibility of asset carbon footprint that supports regulatory reporting, energy and carbon reduction strategies
  • Bespoke ITAM Insights – reporting for other corporate governance functions, where asset data provides valuable context

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ITAM Tooling Management

We provide full system management for many of the leading ITAM & SAM tools available on the market, ensuring you can drive the maximum value from your existing ITAM investments.

  • Trained & accredited technical & administration analysts provide full tool implementation & management services
  • Tool, data source & quality management with full reporting services
  • Tool hosting & platform management
  • Additional services – Tooling Advisory, Health Check and Design & Implementation services

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