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Technology & Data

Intelligence that puts you firmly in control

Organizations that have access to accurate and complete intelligence on their IT investments, are able to control their expenditure and avoid traditional risks though improved decision making, planning and budgeting.   Having a single view of their cloud and software ecosystems enables organizations to manage consumption, fully leverage existing investments, empower their contract negotiations with strategic vendors and achieve a higher degree of financial control.

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Our services are underpinned by our Hub platform.  Hub collects software and cloud data from a myriad of sources across our client’s organizations and from their service providers, consolidating, cleansing, and normalizing it to provide a foundation of trustworthy data.  Hub's powerful analytics engine turns this data into invaluable intelligence, that our global team of experts use to provide recognized industry leading services to our clients.

Basing decision making on incomplete and inaccurate data that traditional tools alone often produce can be incredibly damaging and costly.  Our services are designed to support our clients, improving their operational maturity and help them to align IT, Procurement and Finance functions through tailored services and intelligence that continue to deliver proven outcomes.


Secure Cloud Based Data Repository

Source Data Cleansed & Normalised

Single Integrated Enterprise View

Intelligence via Dashboard & Reports

Fully Managed ITAM Tooling

Access to Tooling & Data Specialists

Visibility & control of your software & cloud ecosystem

Hub is Livingstone’s own secure cloud based managed services platform.  Every month Hub collects and processes billions of software and cloud records from our client organizations via our Data Collection Framework (DCF), APIs also connect Hub to client's existing tooling investments and service provider systems.  Hub's processing capability, extensive product catalogue and our team of SAM tooling specialists and data integration architects ensure our client's data is complete, accurate and trustworthy. 

Hub's advanced analytics engine turn this foundation of trustworthy software and cloud data into advanced dashboards and reports, providing invaluable senior level insights and actionable intelligence.  Hub can turn historic and current entitlement and consumption data into powerful prediction insights, taking your level of control to a new level.


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Trustworthy data & insights

The intelligence we provide to clients allows their IT, Procurement and Finance stakeholders to make operational and technical decisions that reduce related costs and risk.  Having complete and accurate entitlement and consumption data is critical if an organization is to remain optimized, compliant, secure, and agile to business change, including rapid digital transformation that many have experienced in recent times.  

The insight that Livingstone provides via its Hub platform allows clients to make better security, service management and lifecycle decisions, whilst maintaining a single data repository standard for their enterprise. The data and intelligence we provide is delivered using a client’s existing ITAM/ITSM tooling investments, augmented with our own enterprise ITAM repository and financial reporting platform Hub.


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ITAM Tools+ Services

Accessing trustworthy data is now a critical requirement for any asset management function.  We can help drive your Asset Management program forward, unlocking the full potential of your chosen SAM, license and service management or inventory reporting tools.  Configuring and administering asset management tooling is not always the best use of time for IT professionals who are trying to focus on working with their organizations to drive real business outcomes and strategically important projects. 

Our team of tooling experts will help you get the most out of your existing technology platform, providing skills and experience to optimize your tool functionality and deliver the maximum value from your tool investment.  Our Tools+ services support your chosen tool's entire lifecycle.  From ensuring that you choose the most appropriate platform for your organization, to its implementation and automating key functions and reports. Our services include...

  • ITAM Tooling Healthchecks
  • Remediation – Configuration, Integration & Trustworthy Data
  • Tooling Advisory Service
  • Tooling Design & Deployment
  • Tooling Management
  • ITAM Tooling as a Service


Gartner® says: "Tools alone can only do so much. Tools are particularly challenged by requirements to assess inventory and usage in complex or customized scenarios, where it’s critical to manage a broad range of entitlements and use rights across the organization’s full array of use cases."

"Ninety-seven percent of SAM managed services delivered by expert providers with services measured are reported to deliver realized savings that exceed the service costs. Sixty-three percent of those services deliver at least 200% in realized savings."

Extract from Infographic: When to Use a Software Asset Management Service Provider
19 April 2022  Analyst Authors By Stephen White, Yoann Bianic, Jaswant Kalay

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