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Software & Cloud Optimization

Achieve best-in-class commercial & contractual terms

We ensure our clients can secure the best value from their investment software & cloud contracts. Our unique methodology, experience & independence allows us to offer our client’s impartial advise, develop & implement solutions that improve & optimize their software license position from a contractual & commercial perspective.

Our optimization services drive measurable & tangible results for clients, whilst meeting their short & long-term technology requirements. Our consultants are recognized as some of the most experienced & skilled in the world, having provided services to Fortune 500 global clients & government organizations.

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All stakeholders need to understand the value that an investment in SAM brings to our organization and undoubtably this is in the form of cost savings, compliance and operational efficiencies
,” said Jon Cleverly, Director of IT Partnerships, BT. “Livingstone takes on the responsibility to communicate this to us on a regular basis. It also allows us to constantly feed in our requirements to ensure we are all heading in the same direction.”
BT realized a 400% return on investment on Livingstone managed services and multi-million-pound savings on their top ten vendor licensing.
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On Average 38% Mega Vendor Savings

Commercial & Contractual Optimization

Effective Benchmarking & Negotiation

Alignment of IT & Procurement

Assures Digital Transformation

Future Proofing IT Strategy

Cloud Cost Optimization

Cloud cost management is quickly becoming the single largest commercial risk for IT, procurement and budget holders. Our Cloud Optimization services allows clients to take control of costs across their cloud ecosystem, so they can align their cloud strategy with FinOps effectively, forecast, optimize when required and only pay for what they consume.


Commercial & Contractual Optimization

Many organizations enter vendors contract negotiations badly prepared and too late on in the process, only to find that their renewal costs have spiralled. Our 2 phased methodology, coupled with the expertise in our team supports the key planning stage then throughout your negotiations with vendors to achieve the optimal commercial and contractual outcomes. 


Negotiation & Benchmarking

Our Negotiation & Benchmarking Support services will help you validate vendor offers you have received, supporting you throughout your negotiations with vendors to achieve the optimal commercial and contractual outcomes. 


Audit Defense Support

Software audits can be unexpected, unwelcome, disruptive and costly. Our international team of compliance and audit defense experts have helped hundreds of organizations around the world deal effectively and efficiently with audit demands from all kinds of software publishers, from Tier One vendors including Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft and to Tier Two software developers such as Micro Focus, BMC, Tibco, VMware and HP. 


Strategic Licensing Reviews

Our Strategic License Reviews (SLR) have saved our clients many millions of dollars in recent years. An SLR is an executive engagement that identifies where existing potential risks are in your software and cloud estates and review your IT operation by examining your current data quality, people, processes and technology. 


Sourcing Advisory Services

Our Sourcing Advisory Services allow our client’s procurement and IT organizations to work effectively together, de-risking the procurement of software and cloud services through the establishment of sourcing centres of excellence.