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Enterprise SAM Managed Services

Livingstone Group’s Enterprise Managed Services provide organizations with unprecedented visibility into – and control over – their entire software and cloud estates.

At the heart of these services is the Livingstone Hub, our own cloud managed service platform, which draws data from across your organization – including from your existing SAM tools – de-duplicating and cleansing it as we go, in order to provide an accurate and 360-degree view of your entire ITAM operations.


Our comprehensive Enterprise Managed Services provide:

It can report on what applications, servers and services have been deployed, what functionality they offer, if they have been upgraded or changed, what type of licenses they have, which users are accessing them, how often, and to what extent.

Furthermore – and unlike traditional SAM tools – Livingstone Hub is able to supplement this data with manual information that impacts your licensing – for example, your number of employees – and compares the entire data set against your contract entitlements, and stores critical information about all major milestones, for example, the dates of upcoming renewals.

Armed with these valuable insights, our subject matter experts are able to provide you with actionable advice on how to maximize the value of your software and cloud estate, whether that’s by mitigating risk of non-compliance, identifying and eradicating unbudgeted spend, or by rationalizing your deployments. 

Total flexibility

Organizations have complete control over which vendor relationships to include as part of our Enterprise Managed Services bundle.  For the top five vendors – IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, SAP and – the team can offer a full suite of SAM and optimization services, as detailed on our Single Vendor Managed Services pagesFor all other vendors, organizations can choose from a range of best-in-class SAM managed services, comprising:


   ELP Management
   Risk Mitigation
   Audit Support

Contract Optimization

   Renewal Planning

Consumption Reduction

   SaaS, PaaS and IaaS consumption optimization
   Ongoing cost management 

Organizations also have the option to manage their own SAM data via the Livingstone Hub, giving their in-house SAM teams access to trustworthy data to manage their own licensing positions.  Livingstone Group has deep expertise in managing all aspects of your software and cloud deployments from these five publishers. More than that, our team has worked inside these vendor organizations, ensuring customer compliance, negotiating ELAs and more.


Trustworthy data

Regardless of how deeply SAM practices are embedded in your operations, the need for trustworthy data is of the utmost importance.  With cloud and software environments growing more complex by the day, so too are the data sources organizations need to monitor and manage, which has led to an increasing number turning to SAM tools to help simplify the process. However, for this approach to work, these tools must be able collect the right information.

This is by no means a straightforward undertaking. Tools often require specialist scripts in order to integrate with the many different software packages and services deployed across an organization’s infrastructure. Furthermore, the data produced by these tools is of limited value when looked at in isolation. To provide real business intelligence, this information needs to be considered in the context of the organization’s commercial entitlements.

Truly trustworthy data – that is complete, accurate and contextualized – is only achievable by complementing tools with human expertise. It is this combination of technology and people that is the bedrock of any successful SAM strategy, whether it encompasses compliance, contracts, consumption and control, or just a selection of these elements.