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Software Asset Management

The leading independent global provider of Software & Cloud Asset Management & Optimization Services

At Livingstone Group, Software Asset Management (SAM) and IT Asset Management (ITAM) are in our DNA.  We have been providing market leading services to our clients since our foundation and, today, are one of a small number of truly independent providers which focus entirely on providing Software and Cloud Asset Management and Optimization services. In other words, we will never try to sell you software licenses.  It is this independence that sets us apart. It means we are always 100 percent focused on delivering the very best commercial and contractual outcomes for our clients.

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“Our partnership with Livingstone helped us reach an internal goal to reduce our software maintenance & support budget, a full 12 months ahead of our stated target” said Deborah Robins, IT Asset Manager, AtradiusThe value of the information derived from the initial ELP was staggering, especially in terms of identifying unused software”
In year one Atradius Group reduced the scale of it’s unused software by 47%. Read the full case study >>



SAM in today’s as-a-Service era

SAM is more vital, relevant and beneficial today than ever before.  An approach once synonymous with ensuring large physical software deployments were compliant with licensing agreements, SAM has evolved to now also tackle one of the biggest challenges facing nearly every organization today – how to stop cloud or ‘as-a-Service’ costs spiralling out of control.  Unchecked consumption of cloud services – especially when coupled with sub-optimal contracts – exposes organizations to a wide array of commercial risks, many of which are of board-level concern.

At Livingstone Group, we offer a range of strategic, technology-led SAM services designed to not only help organizations manage their licensing requirements, but also to reduce the costs and risks associated with their software and cloud deployments


Introducing Livingstone Hub

Livingstone's Hub underpins all of our Software and Cloud Asset Management and Optimization services.

Our proprietary cloud-based managed services platform, Hub securely and reliably integrates data from numerous different sources, creating consolidated reports and senior-level insights. It provides a single view of all software and cloud consumption across an organization, and is delivered and managed by our team of experts to ensure customers have a 360-degree view of their operations, while also remaining compliant and cost optimized.

Each month, the Livingstone Hub processes billions of software and cloud records of behalf of clients all over the world. 

Read more about our technology >>

One-off Strategic Engagements

Vendor audits, contract negotiations, renewals and other investment milestones are just some of the major licensing-related events that present significant risks and operational challenges to organizations.

Livingstone Group can support your organization through these complex events, helping you to reduce your exposure to risks as well as enabling you to secure the best possible commercial terms for any future contracts.

What’s more, our team can help you establish your Effective Licensing Position (ELP) either as a standalone project or to complement a major business initiative, for example, a merger or acquisition. This will allow you to gain complete visibility of your cloud and software estate, identifying areas for cost savings, risk reduction or rationalization.

Learn more about how the Livingstone team can navigate you through these major contractual milestones in order to achieve the best possible outcomes HERE>>

Single Vendor Managed Services

If technology from IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce and/or SAP underpins your business operations then it is absolutely critical that your relationship with these mega vendors is closely managed.

Our team has deep expertise in how these five tier one publishers work and think, so can place your organization in the best possible position to ensure your cloud and software estate is appropriately managed on an ongoing basis.

Our Single Vendor Managed Services  offer much more than SAM; this comprehensive suite of services ensures your strategic software estate is compliant with your licensing terms, that your contracts deliver the best possible business outcomes, that you never pay for more than you need, and that ongoing usage is always under control.

Enterprise Managed Services

Our Enterprise Managed Services are designed to meet the needs of organizations which have entered into contracts with multiple software and cloud providers, and which need assistance managing their licensing, usage and deployments across their entire technology portfolio.

These services include access to Livingstone Hub, our proprietary managed services platform, which can provide you with a real-time view of all deployments and usage across your entire infrastructure, continuously comparing it to your licensing entitlement. 

Learn now Livingstone Group can take control of your entire technology stack on our dedicated Enterprise Managed Services pages .