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Tier Two Vendors

Complete visibility & control over software & cloud providers

Livingstone takes away the pain, disruption and much of the cost associated with software vendor audits.  Our services enable the effective management software licensing across legacy software vendors including Tibco, VMware, Micro Focus and Quest to name a few. Through our unique understanding of all contractual terms, what data needs to be collected and the best ways to do this, we add significant value even when dealing with regionally based firms and the smaller software vendors.


We take ownership of your ITAM data complexity, ensuring your dashboards and reports are delivering trustworthy data to whoever needs it. Our Insights and Data service integrates and cleanses complex asset data from across your organization and vendor estate, providing high quality, accurate and context rich reports to key stakeholders.

Whether we use your existing ITAM tooling investments or the integration and cleansing capabilities of our Livingstone LUCE platform, your ITAM data can become one of the most valuable and trustworthy data sources used within IT and Procurement.

Livingstone’s expert team of ITAM and licensing specialists provide the best practices and licensing knowledge that few internal enjoy. Our experts are available both on-demand and via on a continuous managed service, providing Trustworthy Data, Lifecycle and Optimization services that support you when you need it.

Client Benefits

  • Commercial & contractual optimization
  • Audit ready & prepared
  • Continuous compliance
  • Better procurement via improved knowledge
  • Effective cost management
  • Risks mitigated

Tier Two Vendor Services

  • Commercial & Contractual Optimization
  • Data & Insights
  • Data Cleansing & Normalization
  • Audit Defense
  • Renewals Management
  • Strategic Licensing Reviews

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Tier Two Vendors

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