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Realize the full value of your ServiceNow investment

We are here to help you deliver your IT Asset Management program, unlocking the full potential of your chosen SAM, license management or inventory reporting tools. Trustworthy Data is a vital requirement for ITAM, configuring, administering and managing tools, however, is not always the best use of time for professionals who are trying to focus on working with their organizations to drive the outcomes of ITAM.  Equally, those individuals who have tools as part of their ever-growing list of responsibilities simply do not have the time or skills to manage them.


Livingstone provides cost-effective services to support the management of your SAM related tools. Our service catalogue supports the entire tool lifecycle from ensuring that you choose the most appropriate platform for your organization, to automating key functions and reports. Our team of tooling experts will help you get the most out of your existing technology platform, providing skills and experience to optimize your tool functionality and deliver the maximum value from your tool investment.


“Through 2020, only 25% of enterprises will be satisfied that their SAM tool purchases align well with pre-purchase expectations of value”
Christy Pettey, Gartner

SAM Advisory

Our industry ITAM experts will work with you to document and scope your ITAM goals and assess how SAMPro can be implemented and configured to support them. We will compare your forward operational ITAM goals against existing ServiceNow SAMPro resources and skills, providing guidance on how to address gaps and enable service readiness.  We will then provide ongoing advisory support, reviewing progress towards your goals, ensuring your ITAM program and SAMPro remains aligned with business priorities and checking that the platform is being used effectively and configured optimally.  Our SAMPRo skills and expertise include...

  • Trained and accredited analysts & consultants
  • Experienced in delivering SAMPro into different client environments

Trustworthy Data

Livingstone’s global team of licensing specialists are the key to addressing one of your biggest SAM challenges: populating SAMPro with reliable entitlement and contract data.  Our experience ensures that the right licensing parameters and metrics are applied correctly to the uploaded entitlement for the right publishers and products.

Data Integration
Successfully integrating data sources and normalizing the output is a key pre-requisite to delivering value from SAMPro. Our SAMPro and data analysts can provide the skills and support to ensure that the discovery, inventory and usage data is correctly integrated to support the delivery of trustworthy ITAM data.

Non-Instance Management
More vendor licensing than ever is now reliant on ‘Non-Instance Data’ such as employee headcount, transaction volumes, Client Access Licenses, cores, etc. Livingstone can help you ensure this vital information is collected and included even if SAMPro doesn’t support it.

License Cost Optimization

The real goal of a ITAM program is reduced costs and risk, improving utilization software licenses for the intended purpose. Our licensing specialists bring the deep understanding of publisher licensing as applied to your current and future environment architecture. This is the expertise that typical companies cannot afford to maintain in house but need to drive their strategic outcomes.  Optimization delivers the largest cost savings and can also remove punitive vendor audit risk. Our License Specialists focus on working with your stakeholders to optimize spend and reduce this risk.

Livingstone for ServiceNow SAMPro

SAMPro is rapidly becoming the fastest growing ITAM platform in the market, recently acquiring Gartner Magic Quadrant Leader status.  Skills are in demand and acquiring this expertise can be difficult and prohibitively expensive. Our global team has the specialist skills you need to augment and transform your SAMPro investment into a truly valuable and capable management platform.  

Our global team works with client organizations to deliver effective managed services for complete IT Asset Management using SAMPro, de-risking the delivery of outcomes that have come of the most material financial impacts.

  • Best Practice, advice & guidance
  • ITAM program management & leadership
  • Cross discipline ITAM Skills
  • Commercial & maturity benchmarking
  • Executive sponsorship engagement& support
  • Tier 1 publisher expertise
  • Complete ITAM service catalogue

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