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Mega Vendors

Effective Software & Cloud Vendor Management

We ensure our clients can secure the best investment value from their software & cloud strategic mega vendors, whilst remaining agile, secure and most importantly compliant. Our unique methodology, experience & independence allows us to offer our client’s impartial advice, develop & implement solutions that improve & optimize their software license position from a contractual & commercial perspective.

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We provide our clients with a governance framework unique to their organization, that will become the cornerstone of effective IT management.  However, if an organization is to drive improved value from it’s mega vendor investments and control software and cloud related costs, it must first have access to both trustworthy data and have effective processes and policies in place.


Most organizations will complete a contract renewal or audit for each mega vendor perhaps once every 3 years so, having subject matter experts on the team for each vendor as FTEs simply doesn't make good business sense. Outsourcing to independent experts for these activities will give access to the expertise when its is required.  Each of Livingstone Group's mega vendor practices is lead and supported by a team of experts who have worked both for the vendors directly, negotiation and building contracts and with many of the world’s largest and most complex organizations, using their specialist expertise to advise on contract renewals, negotiations, audits, compliance, and much more.


Livingstone Group | Oracle Case study | St James's Place

“Not only did we reduce our exposure, the budget we had forecast in our scenario planning exercise was translated into a major cost saving. The team was professional, knowledgeable & collaborative. In short, working with the Livingstone Group was a great experience, with a great result” Robert Sirignano, Software Asset Manager St. James’s Place Wealth Management “Oracle’s contracts are open to interpretation & highly nuanced; all the major stakeholders in our business agreed that independent expert advisors would help us, not only work out our risk position & potential exposure, but also advise us on the practical steps we should take to reduce that risk” Read the full case study >>

On Average 38% Mega Vendor Savings

Commercial & Contractual Optimization

Effective Benchmarking & Negotiation

Alignment of IT & Procurement

Assures Digital Transformation

Future Proofing IT Strategy