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Control your organization's demand for technology

Organizations that effectively control demand for technology services operate with a high degree of operational maturity.  Their IT, Procurement and Finance functions are often aligned through the implementation of robust policies and process and they rely on specialist vendor and ITAM expertise.  They are also able to accurately forecast demand using tools that provide predictive analytics.


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Left unchecked, unfettered demand can very quickly lead to spiralling capital and operational expenditure, underutilised software and cloud services, misalignment of internal functions and increased business risk.  Faced with growing requests from across the business, increasing complexity and limited resources coming under increased pressure, controlling demand can seem like an impossible task.  We are here to help.

Our services provide the unique support that an IT organization needs to effectively control its software and cloud investments.  Our services are designed to improve your operational maturity, align your wider organization, and help to deliver significant cost savings and defined business outcomes.  

Our team of industry leading experts are on hand to manage software and cloud requests, deal related queries and issues and provide training and education where and when it is required.  Our team can work with your business to define and implement a policy & process framework tailored to your organisation's challenges and needs.  We also support decision makers with production of forecasts based on our predicative analytics, for enhanced planning, budgeting, and control.


Purchase Cost Avoidance

Enterprise Alignment & Best Practice

Embedded ITAM Expertise

Improved Investment Planning

Predicative Analytics & Intelligence

Improved Operational Maturity

Request Management

Our Request Management service can be tailored to client's unique needs, delivering defined processes or tasks.  This can include the administration and management of license & cloud related requests from users, the organization, lines of business or IT itself.  Our team can reconcile these requests against existing cloud subscriptions & software licensing, ensuring optimal use of existing investments before procurement of new services and licensing.

We employ industry experts that have vast experience and knowledge on a wide range of cloud and software vendors, including specific technical architectures, contract management and procurement expertise.  Our services can be built around predefined processes and policies for example joiners & leavers, license pool operation, cloud resource requests & media/key library administration.  Our Service Desk can also provide other services including...

  • License & Cloud Advisory
  • License & Cloud Management
  • Practice & Process Governance.


Business Integration

The growing importance of having effective IT governance cannot be underestimated. If your ITAM processes and policies are lacking or non-existent, the chances are you will be incurring significant costs that could be avoided, its likely you won’t be compliant, and you will struggle to drive an optimal commercial position with software and cloud contracts. 

Good policy and process should deliver benefits across the organization, governance that drives commercial, operational, and technical best practice and financial outcomes. Integrating policy and process through ITAM workflow enhances overall IT governance management systems and can ensure that commercial outcomes are realized throughout the lifecycle of your investments.


Forecast Management

Producing accurate and meaningful forecasts from the vast amount of data now available can see like an impossible task.  Without the ability to accurately forecast many organizations base their investment planning on inaccurate or incomplete data and assumption, often contract and commercial terms agreed with vendors are not fit for purpose and IT decision making can be flawed.

Our Forecast Management service uses the powerful predictive analytics engine of our Hub platform.  Hub can analyze historic and current usage trends to model future requirements, which informs future investment planning and decision making.  This clarity can empower your contract negotiations with strategic vendors, leveraging your buying power to make significant costs savings.



Predict demand & align your business

Livingstone's Control services are underpinned by the intelligence and functionality our Hub platform provides to our clients through its intuitive dashboards and reports.  The platform's advanced trending and forecasting analytics, allows clients to effortlessly predict future demand for software and cloud services, based on historic and current usage.  This insight allows our clients to make effective management and investment decisions.