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Visibility & control of your cloud & software consumption

Many organizations are failing to keep the cost of their cloud and software services within originally defined forecasts and budgets. We are typically finding that clients are significantly overspending particularly across subscription-based platforms. Not surprising then that CIOs now see OPEX based expenditure as one of the key challenges now they face.


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However, there is no silver bullet to solve this growing issue. Many organizations have invested in expensive cloud and software management tools to manage these complex environments or initiated one-time optimization projects, only to find their costs continue to grow unchecked.

Our Consumption services provide our clients with complete visibility of their cloud and software consumption, our intelligence allows them to make decisions that eliminate unnecessary expenditure, allocate software and cloud services efficiently and even allocate internal costs effectively.

Our team of industry leading software and cloud investment management experts have many years’ experience of working with and for the largest software vendors and cloud providers, including Microsoft, AWS, Salesforce, SAP, Oracle and IBM.  Our service is underpinned by our Hub platform, which provides our client stakeholders with advanced cost analytics, software and cloud forecasting and predictive intelligence that is now needed to manage complex IT ecosystems.


Visibility Across Key Cloud Providers

In-depth Spend Analytics

Proactive Cost Optimisation

Effective Cost Allocation

Access to Specialist Cloud Expertise

Service Provider Management

XaaS Consumption

Our XaaS Consumption service provides clients with a consolidated management view of their subscription-based services. We provide the required intelligence through aggregated reports and dashboards, this allows organizations to effectively manage these environments and maximize savings throughout their deployment lifecycle.  Simple and easy to set up, this service is becoming invaluable to our clients.


XaaS & Software Optimization

We take a holistic approach to managing the complexity of our client’s software and cloud ecosystems, not only do we deliver impressive savings that average 38% on renewal, but we ensure clients maintain these savings throughout the lifecycle of their contracts.

We ensure clients make the best use of preferential pricing and fully utilize existing investments.  The monitoring, trending and forecasting of our client’s software and cloud consumption allows them to right size workloads, instances and licensing to only pay for what they need and avoid significant overspend.


Cost Management

The exponential growth in adoption of cloud-based services is now being felt by many organizations, the ease at which these services are accessed and paid for can have major implications, particularly on an organisation's IT costs and data security.  This trend has been particularly acute in larger organizations, where the need to validate cloud billing, ensure budget accountability and internal cost allocation is becoming increasingly important. 

Our cost management service provides clients with visibility of their costs and billing, the analytics capability of our Hub platform allows clients to manage their costs effectively across their organization.


Manage & control consumption

Our Consumption services allow clients to take control of their cloud and software consumption.  Our Hub platform aggregates data from multiple sources across your organization and from service providers directly, turning complex data into real actionable intelligence.  Our dashboards and reports allow decision makers to identify trends, opportunities and threats early and take decisive action.