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Mitigate IT Risk & Remain Compliant

Our Compliance services provide decision makers with accurate intelligence regarding their software and cloud assets, allowing them to identify and profile all vendor compliance risks and enable them to efficiently mitigate and prevent them in the future. Our services allow IT and procurement stakeholders to make operational and technical decisions that reduce or avoid significant costs and risk.


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Organizations now face regular software vendor audits and rapidly evolving security vulnerabilities, it is critical that they guard against these and the financial and reputational damage that may result.  Our team of experts have many years of experience in supporting and protecting our client’s interests. Their specialist knowledge of key software vendors and commercial and contractual expertise is underpinned by our HUB analytics platform and proven methodologies.  In recent years we have saved our clients many millions in avoidable costs.


Usage Visibility

Risk Mitigation

Cost Avoidance

Managed Vendors

Improved Security

Empowered Audit Negotiations

Effective License Positions

Our compliance risk reports are built from contract entitlement and product usage data that is sourced from across our client's organizations, they are delivered to clients via our secure HUB platform. This intelligence allows clients to understand their usage and publisher compliance across their software and cloud estate. Our analysis focuses on the licensing metrics and contract terms under which the software has been purchased to ensure that we understand what compliance issues may exist and any financial risk that could be present.

At the core of our compliance services is our HUB platform, this delivers trustworthy data from which the compliance findings are derived. Within the platform, we have analyzed contracts to establish licensing entitlements, allowing us to provide updated compliance risk positions. Our reports and dashboards make context driven recommendations that put our clients firmly in control for potential future vendor audits, often to the extent that the vendor will not continue with an audit as they can see that there is little commercial value in doing so. Covering most vendors, our compliance managed services deliver:

  • Full visibility of major software publishers, including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, SAP & Salesforce
  • Calculation of financial risk from under-licensing or over purchasing
  • Risk mitigation & technical rationalization recommendations with planning & action tracking
  • Validated positions delivered monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on client preference.


Risk Mitigation

With vendor audits and major renewals taking place all the time, simply knowing where potential software and cloud non-compliance risks lie is only half the story.  You need on-going access to specialist knowledge and expertise to be able to understand and mitigate these risks, avoiding any resulting financial impact.

Our team of Compliance specialists can help you understand the scope and scale of any potential compliancy issue, their experience allows them to define a prioritized action plan that will effectively mitigate any compliance risks through technical rationalization and commercial optimization.  Their knowledge of your strategic vendors licensing programmes, contracts and commercial terms will prove invaluable in ensuring you get and remain fully complaint and avoid unnecessary costs along the way.

  • Understand your compliance risk 
  • Prioritised action plan defined 
  • Technical & Commercial best practice advice
  • Access to specialist resources.


Audit Defense & Support

Software audits can be unexpected, unwelcome, disruptive and costly. They can also be more common than you might expect.  Our international team of compliance and audit defense experts have helped hundreds of organizations around the world deal with audit demands from all kinds of software publishers, from Tier One vendors including Oracle, SAP, IBM, Microsoft and to Tier Two software developers such as Micro Focus, BMC, Tibco, VMware and HP.

Our Audit Defense service provides a complete programme to help organizations plan, prepare and respond to audit requests from named vendors. We ensure that the optimum outcome can be achieved with minimal internal resource and outcome risk.  By utilizing our extensive experience, a best practice management approach can be established to reduce the overall impact of an audit and ensure the overall cost and liability is minimized.

  • Pro-active assessment & planning
  • Vendor licensing entitlement, inventory & contracts
  • Vendor licensing position
  • Liability & risk assessment
  • Audit preparation recommendations
  • Vendor negotiation support.


Visibility that puts you in control

Our Compliance services are delivered via our HUB Platform.  It provides the visibility our client's needs to remain in control of their cloud and software estates, we empower our clients with the clarity that comes from accurate and complete intelligence, they are able to identify potential issues early, plan and execute mitigation plans that avoid unnecessary cost and risk.  Our HUB platform collects, cleanses and normalizes data from across our client's organizations, presenting actionable intelligence in easy to interpret dashboards and reports for more effective and accurate decision making.