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Hub is Livingstone’s managed service delivery platform, easily accessed via a web portal. Hub is a powerful tool which gives our clients clear visibility into their software and cloud estates. This insight is presented through a number of easy to interpret analytics dashboards and various comprehensive reports which are designed to be navigated autonomously by our clients. These features of Hub are powered by the data we collect via the DCF, with the two tools working together to collect, cleanse, and normalize the data.

Hub also acts as a repository for our client’s entitlement and deployment data, which is sorted and stored intelligently for ease of access and use, while Hub’s own service calendar tracks renewals, engagements, and reviews to ensure that our clients have full visibility and control over their software and cloud assets.

The insights that are enabled by Hub, when supplemented by the guidance of our industry leading experts who are able to layer in detailed and discerning licensing analysis and recommendations, can help our clients optimize their usage and management of different software and cloud products which will reduce risk and exposure to audit while also identifying commercial opportunities.

Intelligent Dashboards and Reports

Our intuitive dashboards and comprehensive reports have been curated by industry leading experts and data architects to ensure that they immediately provide value through their astute dissections of cloud and software environments. Client inventory and entitlement data form the backbone of our reports, but their value stem from the inclusion of our own intelligent analysis; either layered in manually by our industry experts, or automatically compounded by our intelligent processes and querying of our own product catalogues. Clients can expect to see:

  • Their entire hardware and software estates presented in a single-view reports
  • Their financial risk and opportunities depicted in dashboards
  • A view into their overall SAM compliance and renewal cycles

These are just examples of what our clients can expect to see once they are onboarded: we have a number of standard reports and dashboards which are specifically targeted to offer insights in a broad range of areas and which enable our clients to have greater oversight and control of their software and cloud estates. If our clients have specific needs that our standard reports and dashboards are not quite capturing, we welcome them to discuss their needs with our experts and data architects who can then build bespoke reports and dashboards to cover this requirement. For example, we offer an option to view the energy consumption of all inventoried devices in a collection of sustainability dashboards for clients who would like to have more of a grasp on their carbon footprint. For more details, please Get in Touch

Document Repository

Hub features a document repository for contract and license entitlement data. Clients are able to upload entitlement documents for our licensing specialists to review and process into a standard format that we have designed for maximum efficacy when used in our reporting cycles. These entries are mapped against our product catalogues which can provide supplemental information not included in some entitlement documents: maintenance periods, usage restrictions, license metrics, etc. All original attachments are securely stored with each entry.  Clients can rely on our repository to provide a comprehensive history and audit trail for their software purchases and subscriptions. Each client has full access to their own library and can search and filter the entries to locate their usage rights on something specific, for example, or can even perform regular purges if entries are no longer required. Our experts work closely with clients to ensure the entitlement entries are complete and up to date. This ensures that the view we enable our clients to have into their cloud and software environments is clear and current.

Our clients can be assured that all data we receive is protected by daily backups and is stored using compartmentalization, ensuring that no data is ever shared between tenants. Livingstone Hub’s web portal is also certified secure by, so our clients can be assured that we take a very serious approach to information security and all measures have been taken to protect client data. This is further evidenced by our ISO 27001 certification: the only International Standard that demonstrates that an organization has defined and put in place best-practice information security processes. 

Service Calendar

Our service calendar is useful tool which helps our clients stay on top of their cloud and software estates. We use this to clearly establish and organise the reporting cycles and delivery dates we arrange with our clients, but to also set reminders and tasks for contract renewals, publisher year ends, and any other engagements relevant to the client requirements. Our dedicated customer success directors work closely with our clients to ensure that all dates and delivery cycles established are suitable and align with publisher contract renewals or reviews, ensuring that our clients can action our reccomendations to implement the value our technology and our experts provide.