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Our Technology

Intelligence that puts you firmly in control

Our products, Hub and the Data Collection Framework (DCF), are the backbone of the services we provide. Reporting by our experts is enabled and elevated by our custom technology, designed by our team of dedicated engineers who work closely with industry experts to understand the needs of a Software Asset Management managed service delivery platform and data collection tool.

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Our engineers also look beyond the SAM industry to take inspiration from other technical spaces, exploring new opportunities for innovation to improve and advance our tech. As our products are designed to assist our experts in delivering incisive and perceptive reporting, we have managed to foster a symbiotic relationship between our people and our products: working in tandem to deliver maximum value to our clients in the form of unrivalled insights and analysis of cloud and software estates.

Livingstone Hub

Hub is Livingstone's managed service delivery platform, easily accessed via a web portal. Hub is a powerful tool which gives our clients clear visibility into their software and cloud estates. This insight is presented through a number of easy to interpret analytics dashboards and various comprehensive reports. These features of Hub are powered by the data we collect via the DCF, with the two tools working together to collect, cleanse, and normalize the data. Hub also acts as a repository for our client’s entitlement and deployment data, which is sorted and stored intelligently for ease of access and use, while Hub’s own service calendar tracks renewals, engagements, and reviews to ensure that our clients have full visibility and control over their software and cloud assets.

The insights that are enabled by Hub, when supplemented by the guidance of our industry leading experts who are able to layer in detailed and discerning licensing analysis and recommendations, can help our clients optimize their usage and management of different software and cloud products. This will reduce the risk and exposure to audit while also identifying commercial opportunities.



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Data Collection Framework

The DCF is our Data Collection Framework, a custom application our engineers developed to collect data from a number of existing inventory systems deployed across our client’s estates. Our reach in this regard is quite extensive. Our DCF tool is compatible with 50+ inventory systems and discovery modules, and we are looking to add more where demand indicates. What is key is that the DCF does not explore or inventory an estate: it connects to existing discovery tools, packages the data, and sends it to Livingstone via a secure file transfer to be analyzed in our managed services practice. The DCF automatically performs change detection each time it collects data, so only the changes are sent to our data team which are then used to update our databases and dashboards for each reporting cycle.

One of the key benefits of the DCF is that while it is largely an automated process, it places control over the application and the data with the client at all times. The data is collected on site and the client can review the records before they are sent to Livingstone. We also have wide-ranging and extensive masking/obfuscation settings to suit all organizations with varied security requirements.

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