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Visualizing your ITAM data & bringing your IT Asset Management to life

Data is now one of the most valuable commodities that your business owns.  The foundation of any successful ITAM organization is actionable intelligence.  This intelligence must be based on trustworthy data that is both complete and accurate. Only then can effective management decisions be made that deliver significant reduction in both cost and risk.

Our Chief Technology Officer, Simon Leuty, leads this invaluable session that explores the importance and value of accurate data and why this really needs to be at the centre of your ITAM strategy.  He shares recommendations around accessing accurate data, cleansing and normalization, cloud management and finally, forecasting and prediction based on this accurate data.

Why you should watch this on-demand video:

  • Understand the value of your data and how it can support your strategy
  • Ensure complete discovery – the challenge of collating all data sources across your organization
  • Integrating different data formats - The importance of normalizing, cleansing & deduping
  • How to supplement the raw data that your ITAM/SAM tools provide - alinging people, process and technology  
  • How expertise transforms data into actionable intelligence
  • Visualizing your data to improve forecasting and prediction.


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Simon Leuty - Chief Technology Officer

Simon is a founder of Livingstone Technologies. He currently sits on the Executive Leadership Team as Head Platform Development. Simon is responsible for the development roadmap of our client portal LUCE.

He has over 15 years’ experience of the Software Asset Management and Cloud markets, working closely with our growing customer base to help them take control of their software and cloud cost. Simon helps to eliminate unacceptable spend and enforce tight governance standards that keep them compliant, agile and secure.