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ULA Exit or Renewal? – Myths, Mistakes and Making it work!

Exiting or renegotiating an Oracle ULA renewal can have serious consequences for your organisation if the wrong approach is taken. This is a complex process littered with potential financial pitfalls and therefore requires careful consideration, robust and detailed planning based on specialist knowledge and expertise of Oracle and its ULA licensing. In this 30 minute session three of Livingstone’s Senior Oracle experts discuss some of the common challenges and mistakes we have seen organisations experience, whilst executing ULA exits or managing their renewals. Our team will explore the importance of preparation and planning, highlighting common myths and misconceptions and what practical steps organisations need to consider throughout this process.

They will debate the benefits of getting it right, the real pain when you get it wrong and on why you should start planning now!

The discussion will include:

  • What have we learnt about ULA exits or renewals in May 2020
  • What were the best and worst out-comes?
  • Strategies and advice for November 2020 & May 2021

You will be provided with some practical guidance to assist with managing your Oracle ULAs to help avoid poor commercial outcomes that will impact your business for years to come.

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Hugh Skingley

Hugh Skingley - Senior Client Consultant - Global

Hugh Skingley is one of Livingstone Groups Senior. Hugh joined the team in 2015 and brought with him over 20 years of experience in IT and IT asset management. He has a strong background in IT service delivery gained in the financial sector.

Hugh is passionate about helping organisations to achieve a more holistic, integrated approach to Software Portfolio Management that combines governance, analytics and business processes to create a practical and sustainable SAM operation that will deliver real value.

Rob Lamb

Robert Lamb - Oracle Practice Head – Livingstone Group

Robert is Livingstone Groups Oracle Practice Head. He is passionate about Technology and Licensing and has dedicated the past 20 years working with Oracle customers.

During the last 10 years Robert has supported clients to manage their Oracle Application & Technology License as well as consulting on contract negotiation, cost optimisation & Audit Protection. Robert has experience in working with over 250 Oracle customers worldwide

Paul Stevens-craig

Paul Stevens-Craig - Head of Audit Practice - Livingstone Group

Paul is Livingstone Groups Head of Audit Practice and joined the group in December 2016 as Head of Consulting for Derive Logic where his role was to continue the success in supporting partners and customers. He lead and enhanced a best in practice consultancy team and created a centre of excellence through experienced consultants.

Paul provides customers with expertise and advisory services with reference to IT Asset Management and IT/Digital Transformation initiatives. Paul has worked in the IT Industry for over 25 years, having spent many years in senior management or software and license consultant roles for many companies such as Oracle, Hitachi Consulting and PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Since leaving Oracle in 2005, Paul primarily focused on complex vendors such as Oracle, SAP and IBM, providing advisory services such as process and contract management, licensing, optimisation and risk mitigation for many UK and Global companies, across different industries within the private and public sector.