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The changing vendor audit landscape - Expose your new Vendor Audit Risks

As organisations adopt an ever increasing number of cloud solutions with subscription based licensing, so the traditional landscape of software publisher audits and related risk is also evolving at an ever increasing rate.

Working with our global customers gives us a unique view of the market and emerging challenges organisations are now having to consider. Knowing what is happening in the market, which software publishers represent an increased risk and understanding how to identify that risk in your organisation is critical. Attend this executive briefing to understand these changes and find out how to prepare through best practice.

Use of audits are actually declining among many of the traditional vendors like Microsoft and Adobe, but we are seeing a rise in the number of audits undertaken by other publishers and how they are approaching them including using new 3rd party audit firms like FTI, Connor and NewCMI. Niall Eddery, Livingstone’s Senior Consultant will discuss identifying and exposing the Audit Risk within your organisation.

This session covers

  • Where should you focus?
  • How should you approach assessing the risk?
  • Raising the flag internally
  • Dealing with the audit

The session is followed by a Q&A session where Niall answers some of your specific questions.

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Niall Eddery

Niall Eddery – Senior Consultant, Audit Defence Practice Lead

Niall has worked in the IT industry for over 26 years and more specifically in Software Licensing for 16. His experience has taken him on both sides of the audit fence, having audited for KMPG and managed IT assets for EY and Macquarie Bank at a global level. Niall has been a senior consultant at Livingstone for over 7 years, during which time has managed well over 100 audit projects. His expertise is around IT Asset Management, Software Asset Management & Licensing and he has been involved in contract compliance for software licensing, royalty, service level agreements and channel compliance in the UK, Australia, Europe and Asia Pacific.