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Defining ITAM value in changing times

Join Livingstone’s Senior ITAM Consultant, Hugh Skingley and Rich Gibbons from the ITAM Review for on-demand webinar that takes a deep dive into how ITAM, as a discipline, is being challenged and the true business value it delivers.

We believe it is time that ITAM is viewed as an integral business asset in the fight for businesses to achieve spend efficiency and become more productive. We are going to outline just some of the ways you can demonstrate the value ITAM brings to the table and offer practical ways they can do this. In this session you will learn more about:

  • The current state of ITAM and its challenges
  • New ITAM opportunities
  • Cost reduction, Sustainability, SaaS, Cloud and Risk Reduction
  • Ideas to define value
  • The ITAM elevator pitch

and how you can use this information in your day-to-day role.

All attendees will receive a webinar follow up pack from Livingstone that will include a copy of the presented slides and the tools you will need to implement the recommendations.


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Hugh Skingley, Senior ITAM Consultant

Hugh joined the Livingstone team in 2015 and brought with him over 20 years of experience in IT and IT asset management.  He has a strong background in IT service delivery gained in the financial sector.

Hugh is passionate about helping organizations to achieve a more holistic, integrated approach to Software Asset Management that combines governance, analytics and business processes to create a practical and sustainable SAM operation that will deliver real value.

Rich Gibbons, ITAM Services Director
ITAM Review

A massive hip-hop fan with a love of Microsoft and a law degree, Rich has been in the world of software licensing since 2003, and still loves talking about it! He spent 12 years at a Microsoft channel partner and, since then, has been a trainer, consultant, and analyst - delivering updates and insight across the globe.

As well as Microsoft, Rich focuses on IaaS Cloud, FinOps, and legal tech - combining it all to help organisations stay as up to date as possible.