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A new approach to managing your cloud costs

In this 20-minute session Gareth Redshaw and Kate Hawgood discuss the key findings presented in Livingstone Group's Cloud Investment Management Guide on why a new holistic approach to managing cloud costs is required and the areas this needs to cover.

Gareth outlines some of the challenges faced by organizations around optimizing and managing their clouds estates and how they have responded traditionally to these challenges.  They discuss the implications of using this traditional approach and how a new 'all up' approach involving the collaboration of IT & Procurement is so important along with accurate forecasting.

You will learn the following:

  • Common cloud management challenges
  • Implications for using a traditional cloud management approach
  • An 'all up' approach to cloud management & optimization
  • Why it's importance IT & Procurement to collaborate
  • Why accurate forecasting is so important
  • SMART negotiations with cloud vendors.

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Gareth Redshaw

Gareth Redshaw - Director for SME, Cloud & Strategic Partners

Gareth Redshaw is the Director for SME, Cloud & Strategic Partners. Gareth has over 15 years’ experience in software licencing and during his career he has helped clients optimise spend, develop their future strategy and taken control of high-profile vendor negotiations including one of the largest UK Government contracts.

Having successfully managed UK wide government EWA contracts from 2009-2011, more recently Gareth developed a proven methodology for cost optimisation. He has implemented this across EMEA wide clients and delivered substantial savings.

Gareth developed and grew the largest LSP’s practice for Microsoft government SME consulting and Cloud Commercial Optimisation. In addition to this he was responsible for this same LSP’s Licence Consulting UK, Ireland & Nordics.

Livingstone Group | Webinars and Events | Kate Hawgood

Kate Hawgood - Global Engagements & Marketing Manager

Kate Hawgood is the Global Engagements and Marketing Manager.  Kate has worked in marketing for the tech industry for 15 years and is the initial touch point for many of Livingstone Groups global clients. 

Kate leads our commercial engagement initiatives.  She is focused on ensuring our team have a clear and concise understanding of our new business client requirements and priorities. Should you wish to discuss any of the points raising in this or any other of our videos she will be happy to support. You can contact her on