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A Blueprint for Software Portfolio Management Optimisation

This year many vendors made important announcements regarding both their license subscription roadmap and product support offerings, for example Microsoft and M365. These changes will affect almost every organisation’s IT strategy in the coming years and will only accelerate the growing level of technical debt, spiralling cloud consumption costs and complex licensing agreements that need to managed effectively.

Clive Pugh will discuss how these changes are mirrored across many software vendors and how effective Software Portfolio Management (SPM) holds the key to meeting these challenges. This webinar will offer an SPM blueprint that can be used to align business strategy to the modern workplace, through understanding firstly how users consume software to then creating aligned profiles, catalogue management and financial reporting that allows customers to unlock substantial cost savings and define the policy and process an organisation needs to drive continual improvement.

Only then can IT, Finance and Commercial teams work together to manage, negotiate and collaborate across the vendor portfolio and be truly innovative

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Clive Pugh


Clive is an accomplished SAM Technical Leader with over fifteen years of experience within the IT industry. He has owned Profit & Loss for Business Units and has built and lead subject matter expert teams. He has defined go to markets, and has delivered data led business insight to enterprise clients. Clive heads up our Software Portfolio Management practice working with some of our biggest clients