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A Blueprint for Software Lifecycle Management Transformation

Delivering outcomes on budget risk, cost control and investment value requires a holistic approach to understand and implement the necessary SLM target operating model. In this session we explore the relationship between data, process and skills leveraging technology investments within complex enterprise organizations. This session will provide you with a fit for purpose blueprint to start and guide you on your SLM journey helping you innovate and collaborate to deliver successfully negotiated optimized outcomes.

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Chris Gough - Chief Head of Strategy

Chris has worked in the IT Industry for over 20 years, starting as a consultant he then took on more senior practice management roles, focusing on networking, security, data centre and unified communications and in recent years specialising in data centre optimisation and particularly in software licensing.

Having worked with large enterprise organisations, Chris understands the challenges faced in data centre licensing and the lack of expertise in the marketplace. Having founded the Derive Logic business until its acquisition by the Carlyle Group in April 2019, Chris is now on the senior executive board for the world’s largest independent IT Transformation Assurance and Software/Cloud Risk Management business, Livingstone Group. Chris continues to act as the Chief Digital Officer of Derive Logic, continuing to work with their valuable partners and end customers.