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eBook: Software & Cloud Lifecycle Management Transformation

A comprehensive guide to SLM Transformation


Successfully delivering Software & Cloud Lifecycle Management in complex organisations is a journey, one which needs to be carefully planned and executed if it is to deliver its full potential.   By implementing a robust SLM Target Operating Model, organisations like yours can optimise their IT, avoiding unnecessary cost and risk, whilst driving value from optimised software and cloud investments.



To help organisations like yours effectively plan and deliver SLM Transformation, we have produced a comprehensive 5 step guide that provides you with a holistic approach to this transformation.  Following our guide will help you gain a deep understanding of your objectives and requirements, also the important relationship between data, people, process and technology, which need to be aligned to leverage the IT investments within your organisation.

The plan will guide you through:

  • Setting of SMART SLM transformation objectives
  • Assigning effective roles & responsibilities
  • Mapping your existing SLM capabilities & skills gaps
  • Understanding your requirements based on your objectives
  • Building a robust Target Operating Model for SLM
  • Producing a clear business case aligned to your new strategy.


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