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eBook: Post Pandemic - Take control of your applications

Take control of your applications

How we operate has changed. Coronavirus has required a re-calibration of the way we live and how we conduct our business. That change, at times, has been rapid and often chaotic. For organizations, adapting communication and collaboration to improve remote working practices has led to the increase of cloud-based applications and virtual technologies. These changes are not without consequence.

The way in which organizations have responded, supporting employees and customers whilst ensuring the continuity of operations has been impressive. Business leaders and IT managers have been under pressure to make change and they have. This has ensured organizations stay productive, however, they are now faced with the considerable challenge of working out the cost.

Knowing what software or cloud service has been used and where is a vital next step. Quickly ascertaining the commercial risk around cloud and licensing is imperative to understanding how cost can be optimized and control regained. This nine step guide will help you take back control.

The nine steps in our ITAM best practice in the pandemic guide includes:

  • Capturing all your recent commitments
  • Reviewing your new contracts
  • Establishing your future portfolio strategy
  • Optimizing your licensing & services
  • Re-prioritizing your approved supplier list list
  • Conducting a security review
  • Preparing for audit
  • Expanding your ITAM capabilities
  • Updating your Business Continuity Plan