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eBook: Optimizing Microsoft True-Ups

Discover how to optimize your Microsoft True-Up


Any organization with an ‘Enterprise Agreement’ style of Microsoft licensing contract knows that each year you need to submit a True-Up.  Microsoft suggests that you should start planning to deliver your annual True-Up as much as six months in advance of your enrolment anniversary.  If your True-Up or renewal is already closer than that, you have no time to lose.

For most organizations, the adoption of cloud and diversification of technology decision making is causing the Microsoft True-up to be more complex and difficult to manage, leading to a greater potential for over-spend or unexpected costs.


This short interactive eBook, written by Livingstone's Microsoft licensing specialists, guides you through the SIX STEPS to Microsoft True-Up success: 

  • Inventory 
  • Capture & Analyse Entitlements
  • Understand Complex Products
  • Identify Opportunities for Optimization
  • Factor in the Cloud
  • Negotiate from Strength

Use our insider knowledge and expert advice to help you get the best deal for your Microsoft licenses and subscriptions.  


Are you preparing for a Microsoft renewal in the next 18 months? 

This eBook is also useful for those of you planning a renewal.  You may also wish to discuss our Optimization & Negotiation service. We have a proven methodology and an experienced team of ex-vendor consultants to support and ensure you realise cost savings and improved contractual terms.  We have the know-how to change the balance of power so you can negotiate from a position of strength.

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