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eGuide: Best Practice Guide to Managing your Oracle Estate

A guide to driving the best value from your Oracle estate


Oracle licencing models are complicated so understanding them, in order to analyse and optimize your spend with this vendor, is both challenging and time consuming. This is further impacted by the underlying risk of audits which, should you not have an accurate view of your Oracle estate, can result in a substantial financial outlay.  

Emerging technologies from vendors that affect licencing models are continuous and Oracle is no exception, these changes will impact finance and operations within your business.  Having a clear view of these changes, developing robust processes and knowing how to respond will ensure that your business stays resilient throughout the lifecycle of your contracts and beyond.

The Head of Livingstone's Oracle Practice, Razvan Tarnovschi, has compiled this guide, to outline current challenges and those that he predicts will emerge and best practices to implement to help you respond and navigate the complex world of Oracle. 

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The guide includes:

  • ULAs – Oracle’s Total Support Stream, clauses for divested and acquired entities, and the importance of controlling and optimizing your Oracle estate
  • VMware – The licensing implications and potential scenarios associated with licensing Oracle on VMware including licensing rules, environment integration and VMware’s relationship with ULAs
  • Audits – From how to control your deployments to an audit’s scope to why it’s important to know your contractual rights, to be prepared for any audit eventuality
  • Third-party support – What support is available, how it compares to Oracle’s own support, and key things to consider
  • Cost Reductions – What savings are out there to be made, including on support stream, licensing, price holds, limited vs unlimited usage, migration and processors vs NUP
  • Managed Services – What to consider in the Oracle Managed Service space, including what makes Livingstone’s managed services different.

To download your copy of the guide, simply fill in the form opposite >>


Support from our team

"The market for OCI consulting, migration and managed services is growing, with Gartner seeing an increase in inquiry volume of approximately 33% year over year (YoY) in 2021 from organizations looking specifically for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure expertise."  Gartner® Market Guide for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Services,  Published 16 March 2022 - By Analyst: Tobi Bet

We have a team of experts on hand to support you through all facets managing your Oracle estate.  If you would like to discuss your challenges and support requirements you can email and we can arrange a call with Razvan Tarnovschi directly.