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Why Trustworthy Data Must Be the Central Pillar of Your ITAM Strategy


Today, the business value of accurate and insightful data is undeniable and only increasing in worth – but managing this data correctly comes with its challenges. As data volumes continue to grow, amplified by rapid digital transformation programs and cloud migrations in the era of mass remote working, the task of managing data becomes more costly and complex and the likes of compliance risk grows more prevalent. To ensure success, organizations and ITAM professionals need to be able to accurately and effectively manage this rapidly expanding amount of data to extract the intelligence and trustworthy information that will enable them to thrive.


To help organizations understand the importance of Trustworthy Data and why it is essential to effective ITAM governance and optimization, we have created a ‘Why Trustworthy Data Must Be the Central Pillar of Your ITAM Strategy’ guide. In the guide we explore:

  • Sourcing Trustworthy Data – We take you through the challenges of extracting Trustworthy Data and explain why it is a central foundation to a successful organization
  • Data cleansing and normalization – Creating Trustworthy Data initially requires cleansing and normalizing software titles and managing volumes to a point where the data becomes truly valuable. Tools alone should not be relied upon as expert knowledge is also needed to turn the data into valuable and usable information 
  • Using Trustworthy Data to drive value – Having established accurate insights, organizations can begin to optimize and drive value from the information. Understanding the current environment, future requirements and mitigating risks are all crucial parts of this process
  • The perils of inaccurate data – Organizations with an unclear idea of their current assets are susceptible to a number of dangers, particularly overspend, audit and cloud sprawl  
  • Future planning with Trustworthy Data – At Livingstone, we understand the important relationship between Trustworthy Data and future planning. From security, to contract benchmarking, cloud migration, performance, productivity and reducing carbon footprints, Trustworthy Data can be used in these key areas to drive value and reduce risk
  • Third-party expertise brings data accuracy – Independent advice is essential to achieving complete and accurate data and is a powerful tool for organizations if used correctly. Expert third parties are able to collect and process huge volumes of data, advising how organizations can use it strategically to make intelligence-led decisions.

Our ‘Why Trustworthy Data Must Be the Central Pillar of Your ITAM Strategy’ guide goes into further detail on each of the above points. It is designed to help organizations and ITAM professionals to understand the importance of securing accurate intelligence around their software and cloud assets and to make informed decisions that reduce costs and risk.


You can download the full FREE eGuide here to see more on Trustworthy Data or contact one of Livingstone’s team of experts for more information.



Author: Simon Leuty, Chief Technology Officer

Simon is a founder of Livingstone Technologies. He currently sits on the Executive Leadership Team as Head Platform Development. Simon is responsible for the development roadmap of our client portal LUCE.

He has over 15 years’ experience of the Software Asset Management and Cloud markets, working closely with our growing customer base to help them take control of their software and cloud cost. Simon helps to eliminate unacceptable spend and enforce tight governance standards that keep them compliant, agile and secure.

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