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When to use a SAM Managed Service Provider


Why a SAM Managed Service makes commercial sense; download the Gartner® Report: Infographic

A regular discussion point on this blog – and one that is often raised in conversations with our clients and prospects – is SAM tools. Or to be exact, the comparative merits and limitations of using these solutions.

At Livingstone Group, we firmly believe that SAM tools play an integral role in managing software and cloud estates, but we are also at pains to point out  that they are by no means a silver bullet. To deliver true value, tools must be correctly configured and managed on an ongoing basis to ensure that the data they report on is both accurate and complete. Furthermore, and perhaps even more importantly, this data must be cross-referenced against the organization’s licensing entitlement to identify any instances of under- and over-utilization.

In other words, tools need to be accompanied by best practice processes, which are backed up by deep licensing expertise. This is exactly where Managed Service Providers can add considerable value.

It is not just Livingstone Group which advocates a more holistic approach to software asset management. In the Gartner® Report: Infographic ‘When to use a SAM Managed Service Provider’, Gartner says “that many organizations are currently underinvesting in SAM resources.” Indeed, organizations can derive additional benefit from adopting more comprehensive strategies.

With investments in SaaS, PaaS and on-premise software all showing strong growth, a robust – adequately-resourced – SAM strategy has the potential to make a sizable, positive impact on a company’s bottom line. The business case for investing in SAM becomes even stronger when you consider that cloud and software deployments have become increasingly complex over time, producing vast quantities of usage data, requiring multiple reporting tools, and accompanied by a myriad of different licensing models.

The Gartner® Report: Infographic ‘When to use a SAM Managed Service Provider’ explains more about these challenges and sets out a roadmap for organizations to achieve best practice SAM, whether they manage it in-house, via consultants or using a combination of the two.

For your complimentary copy of the Gartner’s When to use a SAM Managed Service Provider please visit our dedicated Gartner page.


About the Author

Kate Hawgood, Head of Marketing

I am currently the Head of Marketing at Livingstone Group and have over 17 years’ experience in technology Sales and Marketing roles spanning global markets.

I have extensive Business Development experience having managed and trained teams to bridge the gap between Sales and Marketing.  I have successfully defined and and delivered marketing content and campaign strategies for multiple tech start-ups and supported Sales and Business Development teams to maximize opportunities through delivering relevant and timely content.  I have a high level of expertise in CRM implementation and Management particularly HubSpot.

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