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Livingstone Industry Highlights May 2022


Livingstone Group Industry highlights May 2022Livingstone Group's Software Asset Management and Licensing specialists provide insights and experiences through our monthly Industry Highlights. These insights area compilation of news and press releases that may impact your business’s upcoming software renewals and software estate.



Financial Year Ends:

Financial year end occurs over the next few months for several major software publishers.

Business’s should review any non-compliance and risk factors as they may be able to exploit the software publisher year end for better than average pricing as sales teams chase their year-end targets.


Livingstone Group | Industry Highlights | May Year ends

Monthly Vendor News and Press Releases:


Financial year results:

Financial results published by major software publishers may be useful to indicate the approach of a software publisher towards any renewals your company has with them:


Industry News

  • Broadcom announces pricing terms of its private exchange offers: Read More
  • Adobe introduces into Creative Cloud: Read More
  • SAP plans Russia exit: Read More
  • ITAM Industry set to grow by $4.23 billion throughout 2022 – 2026 (Source: Infiniti Research Limited): Read More


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Disclaimer: Livingstone does not hold any responsibility or authorship for articles or press releases shared within this blog.



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