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Livingstone Industry Highlights February 2022


Livingstone Group | Industry Highlights| OctoberLivingstone Group's Software Asset Management and Licensing specialists provide insights and experiences through our monthly Industry Highlights.  These insights are a compilation of  news and press releases that may impact your business’s upcoming software renewals and estate. 


Financial Year Ends:

Financial year end occurs over the next few months for several major software publishers. Business’s should review any non-compliance and risk factors as they may be able to exploit the software publisher year end for better than average pricing as sales teams chase their year-end targets.


Monthly Vendor News and Press Releases:

Industry News

SAP Extends SAP Digital Access Adoption Program Through End of 2022: Read More


Financial Q4 2021 results:

Financial results published by major software publishers may be useful to indicate the approach of a software publisher towards any renewals your company has with them:

  • SAP Q4 and full year 2021 Financial Results: Read More



Acquisitions of a software publisher may impact your ongoing relationship with them and renewals. This may also imply there could be a change in the licensing of any acquired products in the foreseeable future.


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Disclaimer: Livingstone does not hold any responsibility or authorship for articles or press releases shared within this blog.


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