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Client Success

Delivering proven outcomes for clients around the world

We work with clients in over 20 countries across a diverse range of market sectors, managing client assets in over 139 countries around the world. We help our clients optimize their software and cloud portfolio to avoid unnecessary cost and risk, whilst driving value from their investments throughout their lifecycle. These are just a few of the industries we serve every day…

These are just a few of the industries we serve every day…

Telecoms & Technology

Finance & Banking

Manufacturing & Industry

Government & Healthcare

Energy & Utilities

Retail & Wholesale

Professional Services

Emergency Services

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Why Our Clients Work With Us


Allow customers to identify & profile all vendor compliance risks such to efficiently mitigate & prevent in the future


Expertise to minimize costs across the contract lifecycle through the optimization of product portfolio & planning of renewals


Technology & expertise to measure consumption optimize usage across cloud & software


Support customers to control technology demand within their organisation, integrating lifecycle & procurement processes

Customer Success Stories

We have a strong track record of delivering proven up front savings that average 38%.  Our independent expertise and technology enabled services help clients maintain these savings through control, mitigation of business risks and optimization; delivering value from their IT investments.